Weekly events!!!

Hi everyone! We are super excited to have warmer weather back and we are sure you are too! We are trying to step up our game this year and offer some type of class or group meet up every single day of the week. That’s right, so you can’t say there’s nothing to do in Augusta anymore. Also, we are keeping our extended hours throughout the rest of the spring, summer, and into fall as long as you make a reservation beforehand, preferably a day ahead for reservations outside of wall-up business hours. We will still take walk up business the day of from 10am-2:30pm if we have boats available, but we advise you make a reservation. Not only are reservations free, they’re the only way you can ensure you have what you want! Also, it extends your window to rent so you can make your reservations anywhere from 9am to 5:30pm!! So, check out our special events tab for all the details of our events that we will be hosting, and give us a call at (706)832-5323 when you’re ready to make your free reservation! But while you’re here and obviously looking for awesome things to do in the area, may we suggest checking out kegcreekwatersports.com for more cool activities such as jet ski rentals on the lake?? Or maybe the bikepeddleraugusta.com for bike rentals along the canal?