Special Events

Moonlight Paddles

(Meet at 8:45 pm)

Sunrise Paddles

(Meet at 6:15 AM)

Guided River Paddles

(Meet at 12:45pm)

May 14th@       9:00pm May 7th@    6:30 am April 9th@      1:00 pm (Sat)
June 18th@     9:00 pm June 4th@    6:30 am May 22nd@    1:00pm (Sun)
July 4th -Green jackets Stadium Fireworks – meet     @ 7:00 July 2nd@   6:30 am June 11th@     1:00pm (Sat)
July 16th@     9:00 pm August 13th@6:30 am July 10th@       1:00pm (Sun)
August 13th@       9:00 pm August 20th@ 1:00pm (Sat)
Sept 10th@ 9:00 pm Sept. 18@         1:00 pm (Sun)

(Call to sign up and meet at Savannah Rapids Park)

The drainage of the lower portion of the Augusta Canal does NOT affect our paddle route.